Today's my special billed two-in-one workshop day as Leeden Limited is my first stop under the corporate lunchtime grooming talk. Leeden Limited, tucked away in Jurong, is one of Asia's leading welding, gas and safety integration company.

Entering the training room on the second floor via the cargo lift, it now hardly came as any surprise to me to see how well converted the offices were. From the outside, the nondescript white buildings could have been mistaken as warehouses. But step inside and you will be blown away by the pristine, neat and typical office environment of cubicles and offices, reminiscent of my own days in the corporate world some years ago.

Welcoming 16 participants (this is perhaps the smallest group in a corporate talk I've ever done...but it also means a more intimate setting), all 15 pairs of eyes were on the lone gentleman in the room. Poor guy I thought. But it soon turned out that he was the one who livened up the entire mood and created several light-hearted moments during the session. We all burst out laughing when he lamented that no girl wanted to help him ascertain his face shape...which of course was said in jest!

Seated  neatly in rows, the participants were a fun lot to teach as the staff readily lapped up the advice given and were always deep in discussion. Perhaps it had to do with the good camaraderie they shared with one another or the close company culture inculcated. The seating arrangement also allowed me to walk around freely, which was really what I appreciated very much. In any training, especially in a grooming workshop, it works to my advantage to get close to interact with my audience. 

A real pity I could not stay on after my talk to chi-chat with the participants as I had to rush off to my next training venue! But Leeden Limited, thanks for the memories!





I'm super excited about today's training as it's the first in the series of corporate lunchtime grooming talks to bring me back to the business district. Yes, I'm headed to Tanjong Pagar today, biding the industrial estates farewell (for a while...haha).

Today's client is Sembcorp Parks Management, which is under the the umbrella of the Sembcorp brandname. As its name suggests, Sembcorp Parks Management owns, develops, markets and manages landmark integrated townships and industrial parks in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. This is done via the development of raw land into high value-add functions for sustainable urban environments. 



Sometimes, it's strange but so true that when one walks into the room, one can immediately feel the audience. That's what I felt this morning too when I walked in. Faced with a mixed group of both ladies and men, it dawned upon me that this was going to be a fun batch to train despite their initial uptight facial facades. And boy was I proven right.

From the moment go until I ended, I relished the energy of the participants, their infectious laughter and participatory nature. To a trainer, what more can I ask for?

I really can't remember what I mentioned but the entire crowd was in stitches. It could have been the discussion on image destroyers and having both the gender camps teasing each other :)

Yet, one could tell that the banter was done in good faith as it livened up the mood and further demonstrated the close relationships between colleagues. And definitely more fun was in store when the two participants in the demo section were a guy and a girl respectively. 

I certainly had loads of fun training this group from Sembcorp Parks Management. It felt more like a high school class gathering. Hopefully I'll have the chance to come back again for another round soon!





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