What started off as my own learning journey has now evolved to a full-fledged programme of its own. Yes, welcome to my 1-day grooming workshop, which incidentally, is also one of my signature programmes. In fact, 'The Visual Art of Looking Good' is now my own walking advertisement, being synoymous with myself. If you don't look good, I don't look good!

With this mantra and a brand new venue (near Bugis this time), today saw the entry of three ladies who spent their precious time with me today. Welcoming the 4th batch of participants marks a significant milestone in my grooming workshop series. This has also solidifed my earlier belief that a male style coach like myself can indeed succeed in a sea of female image consultants out there. What makes me different is that I don't teach the normal grooming stuff. I also incorporate other experiential elements inside my workshops and programmes to draw out the best from each and every participant. More importantly, I share from my own experience and how I have overcome my awkwardness and mastered the art of looking good.

Coinciding with the December holidays, 'The Visual Art of Looking Good' was also one of the holiday programmes for two of the ladies (shouldn't call them girls, should I?) today. For one, her mother signed her up. For the other, her auntie signed her up. And mind you, they certainly didn't conform to the old stereotypical notions of young girls. In fact, they were just as vocal in their opinions, views and participated actively in all the activities and discussions....This was truly heartening! While their friends went for holidays or spent their time ahead at shopping malls or coffee joints, these two ladies instead chose to invest their time to learn the art of looking good. It's the smart thing to do because come the new year (which is just a few weeks away anyway), they will be able to impress others with their new found confidence. It really all boils down to knowing oneself.

I always believe that if you know yourself well enough, half the battle is won! This speaks volumes of the importance of knowing who you are and under what circumstances you excel best in.


With terrorism, global warming and other issues to contend with, the world is complex enough. There is no need to complicate matters further by teaching difficult theories. Nobody loves to listen to sermons. Moving systematically and yet simplyfing all my concepts into two or three steps, it became evident that this has become my winning formula.

The field of grooming may appear daunting initially especially to the untrained eye, but if you just follow my one-two or one-two-three step formula, you will be impressed with yourself at how easy it is to grasp the concepts. I feel this is also what I've been blessed with - the gift to simplify difficult concepts into bite sized content for my audience :)

From what I shared with them even before they started working on their first piece, the trained eye makes all the difference. Once untrained, they will also walk away today trained and confident. Just like how I was able to suss out with 100% accuracy each and everyone's personality type, body shape and best colours. All participants at my workshops too become masters at the art of looking good. This is applaudable as they get to make a positive difference in the lives of the people around them, especially their family, friends and colleagues. I don't help you to fish. I teach you how to fish. And once you learn this, it's yours to keep forever.

Alright, enough said. Let's participate fully and enjoy the workshop!

For the others out there who are reading this blog post, I hope to see you next year at my grooming workshops. Make it a date with me and watch your life change the very moment you step out :)





I don’t normally work on Sundays as they are my sacred family days. Yet I decided to make it an exception today as it was for a noble cause. Yes, altruism triumphed and got me out of the house to Admiralty Road East for a two hour talk. 
It was not just another run-of-the-mill talk but one that was put together by a group of National Institute of Education (NIE) student teachers. For many of us, we are very fortunate to literally have the world under our feet and not worry about broken families, financial issues, child abuse and run-ins with the law. But for a different group of society especially school dropouts, wayward kids or youths-at-risk, these issues are seen as the norm.


Armed with an immeasurable amount of love, the NIE student teachers were embarking on a service learning volunteer project as part of their curriculum. Co-supported by the National Youth Council and Young Change Makers, the NIE student teachers chose to work with 20 delinquent youths (aged 10 to 16 years old) from Beyond Social Services. They were all hyped up to make a positive difference in the lives of these disadvantaged young children and help them discover themselves with a self-conceived two-day learning journey. My social skills talk was just part of the grand scheme of things which also included sports telematches such as soccer and basketball and soft-skills workshops such as T-shirt painting and lantern making. And I'm glad I was able to contribute to this meaningful community service project.

Children, being children, have an abundance of energy at their disposal. Seeing them paint with exuberance and ebullience before my talk, one could not detect any familial problems each was supposedly saddled with. Instead, I was inspired by their innocence, liveliness and positivity. This definitely augurs well for their future. Sometimes when life's moments seem dark and hope is frail, all we have to do is ignite the light within and let it shine through.

Noticeably shy as they could possibly lack social interaction skills, I made a conscious effort to interact with the children by getting them to share their opinions. The student teachers also assisted by engaging them in small group discussions.

What truly amazed me was that when I asked at the end of the talk if they understood and remembered anything, a few girls did a close to perfect repetition of the main points of what I had just shared. 

I'm just glad I made a difference in the lives of these children today :)






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