Besides grooming which remains my staple offer, the corporate lunchtime series for 2011 now has more titles added! Today's corporate talk is for the staff of Marina Bay Golf Course and I am going to bring to them my "Effective Presentation Skills" talk.

Drawing from my previous seven years of work experience where I had to deal with members of public, colleagues and complaints almost on a daily basis; and my extended involvement in debates and interview panels, speaking to me has become almost second nature. I'm now more than happy to be able to share what has worked for me with others :)

This is my first time stepping into a golf course and needless to say, I'm excited! I've heard of politicians  and businessmen discussing deals on the greens but having a talk at the golf course is still a first for me. I love what I do as it really brings me around the island!

Marina Bay Golf Course, which is Singapore's only public golf course, is one of the most picturesque places I've been in the start of this new year. Only one word can be used to describe the view from Canopy Cafe, where my talk will be held - breathtaking. Here's proof! With the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, Science Arts Museum and new constructions presenting an almost perfect skyline background, what else can one expect?

Amidst such beautiful scenery, it's only natural that I was feeling extra relaxed. The last thing one should feel before giving a talk on effective presentation skills is feel stressed! Haha...

In any golf course, it's common to find two categories of staff - one wearing uniform (think caddies, golf assistants, front desk reception etc) and non-uniformed staff (think those working in HR or customer relations). Not surprising, the bulk of customers or clients that Marina Bay Golf Course has are members or walk-in guests. Thus, learning how to engage in an effective presentation is of utmost importance.



While some may argue that a presentation refers strictly to one speaking in front of an audience (like what I was doing), I explained that if we were to stretch that definition, a presentation would refer to any occasion when we had to engage or speak to our colleague, friend, member of public or stranger. Every moment in our lives, we are either persuading, convincing or influencing others to our point of view. If we are not persuading, convincing or influencing others to buy our products or services, then we are being persuaded, convinced or influenced to accept someone else's viewpoint. So like it or not, we are "presenting" all the time.

Sometimes, when we think too much, we tend to get into paralysis mode. So it's best not to dwell too much on getting it perfect. After all, practice makes perfect. What is more important is knowing your stuff (ie. contents) inside out and developing your own style as a presenter.



In this age and time, it's easier to remember things using acronyms. Similarly, I have my own set of acronym as well. But in order to aid the participants in remembering it, I decided to add in hand gestures as well. So while they said the acronym and then the word behind each alphabet, they were also encouraged to do the hand gestures with me. Research studies have shown that once the entire physiology is involved, the mind remembers better.


And how could I leave the picturesque surroundings of Marina Bay Golf Course without taking a group photo with the participants? I simply had to...:)


If you've always hated running, rowing or any other forms of cardio exercises, do not worry. Try taking the stairs!

Yes, you didn't hear me wrongly.

The flights of stairs in your office building and HDB block might just be your answer to shedding those extra kilos. We are very fortunate to be living in Singapore. Besides being able to take the stairs up our HDB or condo block, we can also take the stairs whereever we can - think MRT stations, office stairs, shopping malls etc. The possibilities are endless.

The best thing about stair-climbing is that you can train anytime, anywhere. Unlike gyms which have fixed opening hours, staircases do not close. Walk up the train platform every morning to work instead of riding on the escalator. Not only are you burning calories, you are also working your lower limb muscles. In fact, stair-climbing uses pretty much all the lower limb muscles and trains your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and butt! You will be surprised if you feel your thighs feeling more toned and your jeans starting to feel looser if you incorporate stair-climbing into your arsenal of cardio activities. More interesting, according to research studies done, stair-climbing burns 8 to 17.1 calories per minute as compared with 7.9 to 17.47 calories for running. This is of course when one assumes you pound the stairs at a relatively fast pace instead of climbing and stopping only to start climb again.

But before you start your stair-climbing tomorrow with fervour, here's some very useful tips for you to take note.

1. Do not attempt stair-climbing if you suffer from arthritis or experience any pain in the knee joint.
2. Maintain a proper climbing posture by leaning forward slightly from the hips but keep your back straight. No hunching of your back in short.
3.  Place your whole foot on the stpe instead of climbing with the forefoot with heels hanging off the edge.
4. Start with a few flights or stairs and not 20 storeys at one go. Remember, you are in for the long haul.

Happy stair-climbing!

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