It feels like we are old friends sharing a special bond between us. How else can you explain the close relationship between ITE College and myself? Besides being an adjunct trainer with ITEES, this is my second grooming workshop for ITE College Central.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you will remember my last gig at ITE College Central was at its MacPherson Campus for the Student Icons Programme. But for today, I'm invited to ITE Tampines Campus to conduct a 2 hour workshop for the business and engineering students. This is one of the new initiatives under the Lifeskills Programme which has been implemented in most educational institutions.

Stepping into the auditorium, it was great seeing the students, both boys and girls, eager and ready to start the session!

Remember the good old school days when students filled the back rows in the lecture theatres first? No, I didn't get this phenomenon today. Instead, it was a pleasant surprise to see the front row, even the first row filled first :)


This is perhaps the best form of encouragement to any trainer as it signals the students' willingness to learn and openness to accept challenges.

True to form, when it was time for them to discuss in the activities segments, the enthusiasm of the students was evident.
The boys, in particular, were extra participative! Kudos! Some even asked me if they had to hand in their answers which they wrote on their lecture pads eagerly. I had to reassure them that I wasn't their lecturer and all they had to do was to discuss, have fun, enjoy the session and extract maximum value from it.




Getting volunteers for the facial shape segment proved to be a memorable affair as both participants, who looked rather similar, stepped forward. Cheered on by the crowd, they presented their faces for examination. The audience, needless to say, didn't have to do a double take for too long as both examinations yielded the same result.


And as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. So too must my sharing during the last 2 hours. But for the 80 plus students who spent their afternoon with me, it was only the beginning of their personal grooming journey! Have fun everyone :)


As consumers, we would be more familiar with the names of travel agencies that we often see in the newspapers, brochures and trade fairs. But after today, I can add another name to my familiar name list - Safe2Travel Pte Ltd.

Safe2Travel Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s largest and most established homegrown travel and event management companies. They specialise more in corporate travel for companies and organisations.

I'm here today for two sessions of my corporate lunchtime grooming talks. The staff would be split into two sessions so that operations would not be interrupted. Yes, it's not surprising that even during lunchtime, there will still be phone calls or inquiries. Safe2Travel is still after all a service provider.

I have fond memories of the first session, all thanks to two of the staff who simply could not resist poking fun at each other. And by virtue of the fact that they were seated next to each other, they helped to liven the mood with their comic relief and 'continuous bantering'. Sometimes if the crowd is too quiet, a trainer really needs helpers like them to kick start the entire learning environment :p

And learn they did. Generally still a shy lot, they were hesitant to volunteer themselves for the demo, but were more than happy to volunteer others.  


The participants from the second session fared much better in terms of guts and effort. Applause! Perhaps it was a all ladies group that they didn't feel the pressure of being critiqued by their male colleagues. Or perhaps this group was more eager to unlock the secrets to looking good through a thorough understanding of themselves.

Needless to say, well-spirited banter still ruled the day as some felt they had hit the jackpot by having an oval face while others pretended they simply had one!

It is always heartening to see the initial doubts on the faces melt away at the end of the talk. After all, who said it's a Herculean task  to create a lasting first impression?




And before leaving Safe2Travel, I chanced upon my talk being promoted on the staff welcome notice board and the shutterbug in me emerged again. Here's one for keepsakes!

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