Rounding up this busy week is another run of one of my signature programmes– “The Visual Art of Looking Good".  And today, I’m training my first batch of interior designers from interior design firm HBO + EMTB. 

For the well-travelled, HBO + EMTB easily rings a bell as its designs can be seen worldwide in buildings such as Hilton Hotel in New Zealand; National Australia Bank in Perth, Australia; Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong; and the Accenture Headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Closer to home, HBO + EMTB Interiors was the creative brains behind the designs of Nike, Kraft Foods Asia Pacific, Polo Ralph Lauren, Phillip Morris, Oracle, AXA Private Equity among many others.

If you ask me if there are any similarities in what I do and what the interior designers do, my answer is a resounding yes! After all, both of us are responsible for coming up with polished, finished products. The end product could be a new image or a design. But whatever the case, it has to be aesthetically pleasing and suit the needs of the client. If an interior designer looks and dresses just as well as the design sketches, the client will definitely be worn over and award the contract.

Today's customised full-day grooming workshop is interesting for two reasons. First, the ratio of males to females is skewed towards the men. Second, I welcome the participants from different Asian countries - making it the second time I'm training non-Singaporeans (if you remember, the first time was the grooming talk for Chinese company MCC Land with almost all employees from China). Today's group is perhaps the most diverse - hailing from Thailand, Philippines, China and Singapore.


In all my workshops, it never fails to amaze me how similar we all are at the core. All of us aspire to be a better man by virtue of the fact that our thirst for knowledge never ends even when we have finished our education and started working. In a society which places a high premium of one's outlook, learning the visual art of looking good is perhaps the logical way forward.

I don't aim to do instant makeovers for all my participants because I know this is unsustainable. Why teach something which the participants cannot re-create themselves the very next day? If you want a makeover, you would go to a makeover studio and not look for me.

Indeed, clients who look me up are searching for something much more sustainable. Yes, think in terms of life-long learning skills which are relevant, fun and most importantly, transferable. After attending my workshop and equipping yourselves with such skill sets, not only will you have a thorough understanding of your strengths; you will also be able to teach your family, friends and colleagues.
How much better can that get?

It was obvious they were colleagues who got along extremely well as they were also coincidentally dressed in hues of black and gray. But I'm sure after the workshop, some will ditch their cool-based wardrobe in favour of the warm, autumn hues.
Have a great weekend shopping, everyone!




我深深相信每一个人都有能力在别人的脑海里留下美好的印象。印象好坏的关键就完全奠定 在当你看到他人的那第一眼的瞬间。要在别人心里留下美好、永久的回忆 ,就必须注意自己的形象。

当你第一眼看到他时, 你的内心已经决定是否要和他交朋友、是否要聘请她 、或是否要上前了和他搭讪。





今天和中国京治  (MCC Land) 的员工分享心得,又得到他们的配合、笑声、掌声和参与是每一个演讲人梦寐以求的完美组合。。。何况我是个生活时尚达人。因为学习本该是双方面的沟通与互动,而不是只有单方面的讲导;所以我非常开心、鼓舞。

每一个人都有权利追求完美。如果你问我 我对完美的定义是什么,我会说是对自己有着 彻底的了解。若能彻底知 己 ,必能百战百胜。我对我自己的 脸型、体性、肤色、颜色搭配等 越了解,要索取更高的印象分就更轻而易举了。



要有自信心,就从自己的脸型开始吧!熟悉自己的脸型可以更明确地了解到适合自己的发型,也 可以帮助我们购买适合我们脸型的眼镜框以及耳环。你看各位观众在毫无压力的环境下学习是多么难能可贵的。。。

那就是我当形象顾问的人生信念。我能帮助别人打开生命里的那一扇门,除掉盲点,为精彩的人生添上自 信 的一面。



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