Most people may have heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) or may have even attended some past training. Yet when it comes to applying it in their daily lives, many are unfortunately, clueless. This is one of the most often heard remarks from my audience.

Do not despair as NLP is not something that is beyond the reach of all. Neither is it so mystical that only a few blessed ones are able to crack the magic code.

Simply put, NLP is the study of excellence. In order to reach the pinnacle of success in life, knowing how and when to apply the various techniques of NLP is that key.

Sharing with the staff at the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) this afternoon, many of whom signed up especially for this NLP class, I had more than my dosage of fun and participation today. Like all my programmes, my “Applying NLP In Your Daily Lives” programme is 100% practical hands-on. 



There are many tenets of NLP but the ones I love most are those that enable us to build better rapport with others. In a society where we are always surrounded by people – colleagues, clients and vendors at the workplace; and family and friends outside the office, learning how to build rapport with others will put us in good stead. If we can observe their eyeball patterns, listen to their choice of words used and read their body language; it is half the battle won. Just like how I share with my participants in my grooming workshops that it takes just half a second to leave a positive lasting first impression, so too can you get into the world of the other person in as brief as one minute.

Should you want to go a step further, then what you can do after decoding the representational system of your partner is to mirror him or her. Just like a physical mirror when we can look into and see our own reflection, mirroring is yet another very useful NLP tenet. We can mirror almost anything under the sun – ranging from gestures, breathing patterns to tonality and speed of voice.


And less you be taken by surprise, it really is that easy to instantly change your present state in that split second. Just like how you would snap your fingers when you get that eureka moment, so can you snap out of your present state in the same manner. Still feeling down and overburdened by work? Snap out of it! Change your state! There are the participants showing you how to do it :)




I was told to be mentally prepared when I first stepped in the empty room by the HR manager that it was going to be a full crowd today for my grooming talk. All 48 seats would be filled. I smiled.

In most cases when employees RSVPed saying they would attend, some would not come eventually as some other matters may crop up. But boy was I wrong. From the moment the first lady stepped in, next followed another guy...and true enough, all 48 seats were filled. While most came in their executive wear, a small minority came in their light blue overalls which I thought was very nice of them to rush over after breaking for lunch.

Every person in the audience is a gift to me from the universe simply because I have the opportunity to make a difference in his or her life. Being able to touch the life of one person is already magical. But to be able to do this to 48 people is just pure gratification :)

It's always a blessing to be able to share with others simple tips on how to look good and impress at first sight. It really isn't difficult - when you know how to and when to.

Many a times we are too busy caught up in the rat race or listening to others' comments that we forget how to just be ourselves. If we cease to be, we cease to live. Being is the very essence of our life. Who knows me best? Me. Who knows my likes and dislikes best? Me. Who knows my body assets and flaws? It's me too! Simple advice but it goes a long way because if you want to look good, just trust your instincts  which coupled with my advice, will put you in good stead, just like all of them from Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific today.

If you would like me to make a difference in your lives too, drop me an email here!






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