I was told to be mentally prepared when I first stepped in the empty room by the HR manager that it was going to be a full crowd today for my grooming talk. All 48 seats would be filled. I smiled.

In most cases when employees RSVPed saying they would attend, some would not come eventually as some other matters may crop up. But boy was I wrong. From the moment the first lady stepped in, next followed another guy...and true enough, all 48 seats were filled. While most came in their executive wear, a small minority came in their light blue overalls which I thought was very nice of them to rush over after breaking for lunch.

Every person in the audience is a gift to me from the universe simply because I have the opportunity to make a difference in his or her life. Being able to touch the life of one person is already magical. But to be able to do this to 48 people is just pure gratification :)

It's always a blessing to be able to share with others simple tips on how to look good and impress at first sight. It really isn't difficult - when you know how to and when to.

Many a times we are too busy caught up in the rat race or listening to others' comments that we forget how to just be ourselves. If we cease to be, we cease to live. Being is the very essence of our life. Who knows me best? Me. Who knows my likes and dislikes best? Me. Who knows my body assets and flaws? It's me too! Simple advice but it goes a long way because if you want to look good, just trust your instincts  which coupled with my advice, will put you in good stead, just like all of them from Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific today.

If you would like me to make a difference in your lives too, drop me an email here!






It really feels good to be back in a school environment. I recall my own school days with fond memories – the playground, the tuckshop, the music room, the laboratories and all…And as I look around me, it dawns upon me that I have never quite left the education sector. From a student years back to a full-fledged trainer now, I’m constantly molding the lives of others and impacting them in a positive way.

This is a grooming workshop with a difference. I’m not training the students today. Rather, I’m training the teachers of Mayflower Primary School.

It’s really an honour being able to train the teachers as I always hold teachers in high respect. But what really made my day was the fact that despite their busy schedules, both the principal and vice-principal also made it a point to attend the workshop.



Grooming – a subject so close to all our hearts as who doesn’t want to look good and feel good? If you didn’t raise your hands, I think you are definitely lying to yourself.

In this world where first impressions matter, learning useful tips on how to up our image quotient and likability factor in the hearts and minds of others is the key to success. Just like how the teachers came together today to master the art of looking good and be the role models in the lives of their students. This seeks to remind me of how one always looks up to one’s role model or mentor so as to accelerate success in life.




If you think training teachers is a challenging task, think again. They are not! They may appear fierce or even scold you if you forget to do your homework. Yet if you take time to get to know each of them personally, you will find that they are friendly, amicable and deliberately poke fun at themselves...all for a good cause!

From all their cheerful expressions and wide smiles, I'm sure they have picked up valuable skills which they can further share with their students. Thank you teachers of Mayflower Primary School!


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