Sometimes I wonder whether there is a special glue that brings strangers together. How do you explain the fact that I feel so super relaxed today even though the environment at an auditor’s office should be more corporate in feel? Call it affinity, chemistry or positive vibes, but I experienced it all first hand today during my grooming talk at Crowe Horwath First Trust.

Surrounded by a room of ladies and a sole gentleman, it was evident that they were really a fun lot to be around with. With good natured humour, active participation and the occasional teasing between colleagues, we were all in for a jolly good time – they learning and me sharing. It just felt as if we had known one another for a very long time and it was a friends gathering instead of a training. But I love the learning environment here. This should be the way as learning is supposed to be non-threatening and most importantly, fun!

So eager were the ladies to participate in the various discussions that when one couldn't find paper to write on, she turned to the  paper lunchbox and scribbled on it!

If you thought the sole gentleman was a shy one, he certainly wasn't. Brave enough to stand up to share on the image destroyers for ladies, he was clearly enjoying himself too as did all of us :)









Much as our lives revolve a lot around technology such as our mobile phones, the internet and television, so too does the life of a trainer depend on the trustworthy laptop and projector most of the times.

But things don’t always go the way you want it, even though you may wish it to be. This happened today during the lunchtime grooming talk at Fulco Motor Dealer. The projector decided to take a break and the laptop went on a random on-off mode. Was I perturbed? Maybe a little. But I’m never one to give up that easily. The show must go on. Even without technology’s assistance, I can still rely on myself to deliver the goods…which I did.



It may be a daunting experience for a new trainer but as I have clocked hundreds of speaking hours, speaking off the cuff and naturally (without following the prescribed flow of the slides) meant thinking on my feet, interacting more with the audience and bringing them to me. I knew my materials inside out so it didn’t prove to be a daunting task. It's always my belief that when you can only share with passion when you are speaking on topics you really feel a lot for. And I'm glad this conviction of mine was put to good use today. Whether it is speaking off the cuff, or attempting to see car to a prospect, one always maintains a positive first impression so that the battle is half won. Imagine a car sales person who looks sloppy in his dressing or does not know his products certainly doesn't augur well. Similarly, create a facade of me at a loss of words just because technology broke down...Well, this will never happen! LOL
To sum it up, I’m happy to declare I enjoyed this 'new experience'.




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