I stand in front of an audience made up solely of property agents from Orange Tee. My sole aim is to transform them into stylish property agents who look just as good as the residence they are attempting to sell.

In this age and time, learning how to dress, or power dress as I would call it, is of paramount importance. For property agents, the first impression one gives the buyer or seller is multiplied multi-fold. Imagine entrusting your property which you want to sell to a property agent who dresses sloppily – in shorts and slippers. I strongly suggest you think twice too!




Dressing for success by choosing the right types of clothes to suit one’s body shape; understanding the little details on how to select a jacket, pants or dress; plus the emphasis on wearing the right colours were the topics I specially chose for today’s grooming workshop.

When I buy my clothes, there are many considerations which I take into account. Comfort and price might be your sole criteria but I would also add to that list other criteria such as practicability, choice of fabric and other intricate details.

There's no point buying an item if you can't form a capsule wardrobe around. A capsule wardrobe is a basic wardrobe where you can change your look by instantly adding or removing another item. That was when a female property agent asked me why I didn't mention much about dresses, I replied saying that while a dress does make a lady look more feminine, she can't keep wearing the same dress. This is unlike a blouse or long-sleeved shirt where she can transform the look easily and effortlessly by adding another vest, cardigan or jacket. If you wear the same dress one too often, people might think you are too poor to buy new clothes!
Like all hardworking property agents who took notes so as to be doubly sure of their client’s requirements, I saw many in the audience scribbling notes when I dished out advice. I’m very sure these notes would come in handy :)

And for the three brave gentlemen who stepped forward when I asked for volunteers, I rewarded them handsomely as I gave them a free colour analysis consultation.




William Arthur Ward once said "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it." How true indeed!

I received an sms from one of my clients this morning. No, it wasn't an April Fool's Day joke. Rather it was an update from him to me on his body condition.


I always believe that if one is serious about achieving great success in life, one has to put in some effort. You can't just hire a personal trainer and then expect him to weave magic on you if you refuse to cooperate or completely go off tangent after the workout is over.

Now, this isn't the case with this particular male client of mine. As a complete novice who was totally new to the world of weights and gym when he came to me on 14 Feb 2011, his faith in my training programmes, coupled with his own determination has paid off handsomely.

What I particularly admire about him is his consistency. He religiously ran twice a week and dutifully sms-ed me the details of each run. Now how many of you can identify with this? For many out there, wanting to run even once a week is already a Herculean task. But not so in his case. How he does it is to set aside time each week to do it. Well, just think of it as "me-time" where you do something good for your health and yourself in the long run.

I teach people sustainable skills which they can apply on their own. It's no point fishing for you as you will be too reliant on me. Instead, if I show you the way and guide you along initially, you will find the journey more enjoyable. Yes, exercise is all about fun! Whether it is to build muscles and gain weight, or lose weight fast - my philosophy remains the same. It is pointless for you to gain 10kg overnight only to lose it just as quickly. Sustainability is the key to a healthy lifestyle in today's context.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. It all starts with planting a seed of hope in your mind and then working on it to get that state you want to become. Life is all about being, it's not about dreaming or wishing.

Should you need someone to encourage you on your own fitness journey, talk to me or my team today!

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