Do you know that your image greatly affects your reputation? When people first see you, they will look at your outfit first, followed by your posture and lastly, they will look at your behaviour.

Are you wearing executive wear with sneakers? Wearing a long dress with slippers? These are a big “NO NO” to dress when going out especially when wearing formal clothing. Sure you may feel comfortable, but the image you give to others around you is not a positive one as it shows as if you are not put together and your outfit looks all over the place.

Therefore, Mr Lionel Lim had started an image consultation workshop where you can attend to improve your image.

The image consultation course will help you with your current image and you will be able to know what kind of image you are projecting to other people when they see you. It is important to have a positive image especially when you are working in a business industry where you are required to meet clients or new people. Image consultation can also apply to people outside the business industries as a positive image can increase your confidence and self-esteem.

There are different workshops available by Mr Lionel Lim to improve your image. Some of the signature programmes are personal grooming workshop, personal branding, health & wellness and resume writing & interview.

All the different programmes help improve different areas of your professional as well as personal life.

For personal grooming workshop, the workshop main focus is to help you improve upon your current image as well as guide you in choosing the right clothes for your body shapes and styles. You will learn all the lessons on the best appearance and style for yourself in the personal grooming courses, not to mention wearing the right colours as well.


For personal branding workshop, you will be able to learn how you can generate more interest in your personal business and brand. This will help you gain an advantage from your competitors in the market and you can raise your personal profile with free media publicity.

For health & wellness, you will learn the positivity of keeping fit and also attract more success, love and happiness in your life. From the workshop, you are able to understand your current state of health and also embark on a weight management programme where you are able to design your own meal plan and realise your dream body.

For resume writing & interview skills workshop, you are able to gain the knowledge on how to dress and prepare intelligently for the interview. You are also able to use the online job search strategies and social media portals to find employment and also craft a powerful cover letter that could help you land a job.

There are also other programmes available to help you improve and upgrade yourself. To find out more about the programmes available, you can visit the programmes page.

By improving one’s image, you are expanding the different opportunities available out there for yourself. To know more about the image consultation course, send us your Contact details now!


Are you interested in signing up for an image consultation or style coaching? Personal grooming course in Singapore by Mr Lionel Lim is the perfect grooming workshop for you. Why? You are able to customise and choose the module you want to learn while keeping it fun and not boring.

Below are the modules available for the workshop.

Are you worried about the image you give off to others or if there are any issues with the current image you have? Image destroyers are the perfect module for you, it helps you to manage your first impression and guide you on which are the things to look out for when you meet someone for the first time.

Having trouble finding the right clothes? This is most likely due to the fact that the clothes do not suit your body shape. Everyone has different and unique body shape and pinpointing your own body shape by yourself is quite hard, therefore, body shapes module will help you to identify the body shape you have with the help of an expert, you can find your true body shape and also how you could work with your body to give off amazing looks you have never seen before.

After knowing the type of body shape you have, it is important to know what kind of style fits you. The style of your clothes affects your appearance greatly as it would affect your look and tidiness. Style selection module helps you in building a unique style that suits you while keeping you looking proper and neat. You would know what kind of clothes suits you and also how the choices of clothes would affect your look.


After knowing the style that is right for you, you can find out more about the colour that looks best on you. Colour analysis will help you find colours that best match your skin tone. By wearing colours which complement you, it will make you look younger and more confident. You would not need to worry about looking much older than your age because you had worn a colour that made you look old.

After knowing your what kind of clothes you should wear, the next thing is to buy the clothes. However, as there are all kinds of different outfits available out there, choosing and buying might be quite a difficult task with all the available choices. Hence, wardrobe management module is here to help you. A stylist will join you in purchasing new clothes where he will guide you in finding the best outfits which you are able to switch around to increase the different outfit you could wear. This will help you save time from choosing the different outfit and also save money so you do not buy clothes that are not suitable for you.


Having trouble dining at a fine dining restaurant for a blind date? Worry no more! Dining etiquette module will make sure that you are ready for the different meals that would be served to you. You will also be able to learn and note down some good conversation topics to lessen and prevent those awkward silence or topic when waiting for a course to be served.

Having trouble deciding if you should dress formally or casually? Dress codes module will help you to gain knowledge on choosing the right dress code to wear for the event. This will help lessen the time wasted on choosing clothes and also lessen the risks of you being too over or under dressed for the event. You would not want to be the only one wearing a suit when everyone is dressed in casual.

For an extra boost to help with your socialising skills, social & business etiquette module will help you to be more confident when speaking to people. You would increase your confidence level with your body language like the way you smile, your eye contact and body posture. This factors will affects the way you present yourself when someone is speaking.

Skincare is often neglected by people especially for guys, however, skincare can help us to slow down the time our skin age and also help keep our skin healthy and glowing to give off a healthy and bright feel. Therefore, skincare & hygiene module is there to help and guide you in purchasing the right type of skin care for your skin condition.

With all the different modules to choose from, you are bound to have questions to ask us or interest in signing up. To know more details, contact us at our Contact page and we will get back to you on your questions and interest.


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