After working hard at it for 4 straight days, with only me and my trusty desktop, I'm pleased to share with everyone the latest arrival of my all-new fitness website Personal Training Singapore.

As the name suggests, it's focused on helping existing clients and potential customers to lose weight and build muscle.

For some of us, we simply cannot see any results working out in the gym by ourselves. We look practically the same. This is not surprising as we have been doing the same exercise over and over again. Was it a wise man who once said that "if you keep doing the same time and can achieve different results, you should be called a genius"?

Indeed, if you are one of those who are still struggling to meet your fitness goals - be it weight loss or building muscle, let my team and myself be of help to you.

Unlike others, we all come with a certain baggage or past. If you already know me by now, I used to be stick-thin, sickly and acne-prone. While some of my trainers were skinnygainers like me, there were also those who were overweight and labelled terrible names by the people around them.

Here's a quick snapshot of my latest fitness site - Personal Training Singapore.


If you have dreams of wanting to transform your body too, to become fitter or simply because you have an important event coming up, stop wasting time experimenting on your own.

We live in a world where we are bombarded with different types of information coming at us from different directions. But at the end of the day, we know what we want. Go for it!

While waiting for my stress management talk to start, I had a short chat with some of the participants. And just as we joked that it was a mere coincidence that we were all dressed in pink, albeit in different hues of the colour. 

Much has been discussed about the psychology of colours and how it tends to reflect the inner state of our emotions. So if I were to wear black, I could project an image of mystery or I could be extremely moody. But we all know black is a slimming colour. So are all those people wearing black feeling moody or wanting to act mysterious? Hmm…And how about pink? What connotations does it give?

Forget about the colour psychology theory as it’s just going to add more stress to our already stressed lives. 

Here at Avanade Singapore for the lunchtime stress management talk, it was a delight to see a good mix of both locals and foreign talent. It really doesn’t matter what our background is from or what is the job scope of our responsibilities…as all that matters is how we manage to manage our stress levels with the appropriate stress busting techniques. That was what I shared with the participants today. 

So sit back, relax and start living a stress free life after today by implementing the simple tips I just shared :)




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