There are many things to be stressed about in life – think tight deadlines, unreasonable bosses, traffic jams, never-ending bills to pay…the list goes on. But even if you get terribly upset over it, it’s not going to change things a single bit. 

Just because you are stressed doesn’t mean your boss will increase your pay by 50% overnight. Just because you are stressed doesn’t mean God will give you an extra 24 hours each day. 
So where does this all lead us? Find out more in today’s stress management talk especially for Terrapinn. 


A business media company, Terrapinn deals with trade exhibitions, conferences, training solutions and electronic and print publications. Working mostly on deadlines and on project basis, it’s understandable for stress levels to escalate a little when the show is coming on.

For the enlightened, once you realise you are in control of your life, you have mastered stress.

Simply put, managing stress is all about taking charge. And taking charge is a powerful concept. Who is in charge? Are you in charge? Or is someone else running your life for you?

Filled with useful anecdotes, the stress management talk helps participants focus on taking charge of your thoughts, your emotions, your environment and how your deal with problems. 

We all aspire to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle where we have good work-life balance. This is not impossible if we know how to allow ourselves to relax at the right time. 

Try deep breathing exercises and meditation – two of the most useful stress busting techniques I recommended to the group today. Already useful separately, if we were to combine deep breathing with meditation, the benefits of it all become multi-fold.

Let's strive towards stress mastery!



And the completion of today’s corporate grooming talk at Keppel FELS marks the third run of this series. Originally, it was meant to be just one grooming talk for the staff. But owing to overwhelming response, HR requested me to do two more runs of it. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm. I guess word must have gotten round Keppel FELS that spending one hour at lunchtime with me was well worth the investment. 


Forming an orderly queue to register their names, the crowd filed in on time. But I must say some were turned away disappointedly as they didn't RSVP prior to the talk. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, we decided on Day 2 to allow walk-ins as well as long as they brought their own chair!

A subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd, Keppel FELS has grown from a local shipyard into a global offshore group. As a global leader in the design, construction and repair of mobile offshore rigs, there is always a moment everyday when one has to come into contact with another colleague, supplier or member of public. And that’s when projecting a positive first impression helps create positive lasting experiences in each customer interaction.
As long as we continue to learn and grow each day, we will help add value to ourselves and the organization we represent.


So it was comforting to see both men and ladies in the room. In this age and time, more men have begun to pay more attention to their dressing, grooming and poise. It does not matter if they are wearing white overalls or executive wear. There will still come a time when you need to look presentable, neat and appropriately dressed for the occasion.
Amid discussions, demonstration and hands-on practice, the three interactive sessions went smoothly without any hiccups; although I must profess my special thanks to the third group today who were super super energetic.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing all of you again soon :)