NUS Alumni Awards 2013 Article In AlumNUS Magazine

NUS Alumni Awards 2013 Article In AlumNUS Magazine

It’s one of the defining moments of my life till date to receive the accolade. For those of it who missed out on the earlier blog entry on the NUS Alumni Awards 2013 in Nov 2013, fret not.

You can still look forward to the article in the latest issue (Issue 96) of the AlumNUS magazine, where the photographs of us awardees are showcased.

It is exciting to be part of the university’s history. It is more exciting to know my own efforts over the past years after graduation have not gone unnoticed. Awards serve more than validating our report card. To me, they are more of an occasion for us to remember the unconditional love of our family and loved ones. Without the support of this important pillar, there cannot be any talk of greater heights.

Being a role model for others to emulate henceforth may seem like a tall hat to wear, but as long as we continue to steer forward with the same single-mindedness, tenacity and determination; deep down within we are still the same old us. Nothing has changed for us…only for the people around us who see us in a new light.

Carp diem!

Just like the Olympic motto ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’, be rest assured I will fly even faster, higher and stronger in the years ahead!