NTU Hall 6 Dinner And Dance Cum Pageant 2011 Winners Grooming Workshop

NTU Hall 6 Dinner And Dance Cum Pageant 2011 Winners Grooming Workshop

The annual dinner and dance is always seen as the highlight of any organization as everyone gets to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. In the same vein, the dinner and dance is also the event to look forward to for undergraduates as it marks an important milestone in their varsity life. 

An annual tradition for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Hall 6, the dinner and dance offers all Sixians a time to bond, catch up and have a fun-filled night to remember.

But what is a dinner and dance without some glamour and excitement? Taking the form of 6 pageant contestants, that naturally became the highlight of the evening held at Mandarin Orchard Hotel. Themed “Revisiting Retour Aux Classiques”, I was invited on board as one of the main sponsors of the pageant. 

There were 5 titles up for grabs and these included Hall King, Hall Queen, Mr Hotbod, Mr Charismatic and Miss Personality. 

Being able to strut your stuff on stage in front of an audience already makes one a winner in life as not many would have the courage to do so. What more when taking part in the pageant is not just a day or night affair but one filled with photoshoots, rehearsals and more rehearsals.


Besides sponsoring the sashes that the winners received, I also sponsored all of them a ticket to attend my grooming workshop.

Watching the winners walk into the room today, I was very happy to watch their transformation from ordinary undergraduates into extraordinary pageant kings and queens. 


Sharing with them what would help them make the leap from good to great post-pageant, it was another life-changing experience that many would hold dearly in their hearts. After all, confidence is something we all possess. We just have to let it surface and we can definitely do that visually and verbally – through upping our image quotient and choosing the right forms of communication with others.

Already winners in their own right and now equipped with these skills, I’m very sure the pageant kings and queens will only soar to greater heights in their lives 🙂