No To Armpit Hair: Vishay Intertechnology Asia Ladies Grooming Talk

No To Armpit Hair: Vishay Intertechnology Asia Ladies Grooming Talk
One remark from a female participant in class today was enough to send the entire group of 35 ladies into laughter. She said, “a man without hair is like a chicken without feathers.”
Lest we think we were into any hairy business, fret not. It was just a ladies grooming talk for the staff of Vishay Intertechnology Asia, a Fortune 500 company.

Well, it all started when I reminded all ladies present that one of the biggest turnoffs is having armpit hair and not doing anything about it. That really opened the floodgates of conversation for the ladies. Each had their own piece of advice to share. They agreed that ladies having armpit hair were deemed less sexy and regarded as lazier.


If you ask me, whether you have armpit hair or not is your prerogative. But in the general eyes of the public and as part of social conventions, the widely accepted norm is for ladies to remove their armpits.
There are many methods to remove armpit hair. One, ladies can shave. Shaving is one of the cheapest and most common forms of armpit hair removal. Simply walk into any drugstore, purchase a shaver and if you want, some Veet to go with it. Apply the Veet, then shave in an upwards direction.
Two, ladies can turn to IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment to retard the growth. Because of ever-evolving new technology, the cost of IPL hair removal has also fallen in recent years. IPL treatment for hair removal involves applying a light head to the selected areas (in this case, armpits). It combines the use of both heat and light to penetrate deep into the follicles so as to weaken them.
Third, ladies can go for laser treatment. Often seen as a more permanent option as compared to IPL, laser hair removal treatment is also more costly.
So the general consensus in the room was no go for armpit hair. It is indeed unsightly to see shrubs sticking out especially if you are holding onto the railings in the bus or train.
Then one lady asked “how about men?”
And before I could reply, that particular lady responded on my behalf.

Like the rest of the 34 ladies, I too was tempted to laugh out loud when we heard her answer.