No Messing Around, Take Responsibility

Kicking our own butts is one thing, but making ourselves accountable for our behaviour outside exercise time is the key difference between getting there and never attaining success. I hate to sound cruel but I have to. 

Just because you think you did a good job at the gym huffing and puffing away doesn’t give you the right to treat yourself to a hearty meal. You are only to sabotage your own success and be back in square one. Worse, you may even slip a few steps behind. 
Many of us fall into this trap thinking we should reward ourselves just because we worked out in the gym. Drink some booze? That’s alright as I did my run just now. Munch on some popcorn while enjoying a movie? Sounds fine as well as I crunched my abs till they ached like no tomorrow a while ago.

In life, it’s all about accountability. You have to be accountable and truthful to yourself. I can remind you time and time again to eat clean, exercise well and sleep sound but ultimately, you will need to be responsible for your actions. I cannot be eating clean for you. Neither can I be exercising well nor sleeping sound for you.

Remember – you hold the power in your hands. You have the choice to choose which route you want to take.