No Holiday Excuse

One of my clients just returned from a two-week vacation after holidaying in London. As though he knew what I was going to ask him, he proudly proclaimed that he actually found time to exercise during his holiday!
I was impressed, really. After hearing of how he allocated time each morning to run in the hotel gym and his daily achievements of running 5km in 25 minutes, totalling 25km in 5 days, I gave him a pat on the back.
He has completely dispelled the misconception that one cannot exercise while holidaying. This is utter rubbish. If exercise has become part of your lifestyle, then you will find time and energy to exercise. Everything else that you come up with is an excuse created by your creative mind. Instead of finding excuse to explain for your inaction, might as well channel the same energy into some form of exercise and reap the benefits of it!

Kudos! Well done dude!