NLP Training At Arrow Electronics

NLP Training At Arrow Electronics
There are many things I need to be grateful for in life and this is one of them – that people actually sign up for a lunchtalk because they know it’s me and I deliver value.

As with all lunchtalk collaborations, I’m the one who attracts the crowd or fronts the advertisement. And it isn’t always everyday when you get to meet a room full of staff who are willing to learn. And for this very reason itself, my very presence this afternoon holds special meaning. Thank you, staff of Arrow Electronics. You make me feel extremely welcome!


Many I spoke to have heard of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or any derivatives of it. But many, I’m sure, even till today, are clueless as to how one actually applies NLP techniques in their everyday lives. From my own practitioner programme and my interactions with all my audience through these years, this is the fruit of my labour – my very own “Applying NLP Techniques In Your Everyday Life” talk. Succinct, easy to comprehend and 100% useful I dare say. 

When learnt at first, NLP may be a little uncomfortable as it means replacing your current perspectives with new ones. It’s like putting on a pair of spectacles and seeing things from another viewpoint. When you first wear that pair of spectacles, you feel a little awkward as it’s taking you out of your comfort zone.

But then that’s the beauty of NLP. When put into practice, it can be easily integrated into our everyday lives. And by doing so, it becomes so much easier to build rapport with others, especially the people around us. Whether or not we know the people around us – be they our colleagues, friends, family or even strangers is immaterial. What makes us tick and tango in a duet is understanding each other’s representational systems and matching it. Go a step further and mirror the other person’s verbal and non-verbal communication systems if you wish. Do this and watch your rapport move up a notch. Of course, there are some negative postures which you will never mirror such as arms folded and a turned torso. Because if you do, then you will be in for a rough time or be greeted by a perpetually angry face.


Judging from the rapport of the Arrow Electronics colleagues, it’s evident that they easily banter and joke with one another. And guess what? With the power of NLP, they will be able to strengthen the bonds and build even greater camaraderie to boost productivity in the office.
You have to try it to be convinced of how powerful NLP can be. If you want to be a master communicator, NLP is definitely the way to go. Contact me here if you wish to experience first-hand this unique experience.