New Significant Fitness Milestones Achieved

Words cannot quite describe how I feel today…It’s a really beautiful feeling – one mixed with the emotions of gratitude, pride and achievement. And best of all, I have been testimony to all that has been happening till date.

I’m literally feeling over the moon because two of my newest clients (who are barely one month old each) have made significant progress in their workouts! Initially still struggling with both machine weights and bodyweight exercises when I first met them, their maiden foray into free weights didn’t prove too much of a challenge! This can only mean one thing – they have adapted well to the training methods over the last few weeks, have become stronger and are now ready for more!

Contrary to some misguided myths, working out in the gym need not be a tortuous affair. It is fun to sweat it out knowing you have reached another important milestone in your life. Working out is one of the proven routes to looking good. I’m sorry. Who does not want to boost his confidence and up his charisma? Who does not want to pack on some lean, toned muscles to flaunt? 

And knowing myself, I will continue to challenge them further and stretch them to their fullest potential in the coming weeks so that they can witness further gains in strength, lean muscle mass and definition. Watch this space =)