My Healthy Meal: Chicken Breast Kway Teow Soup Lunch

I always patronise the Redhill Hawker Centre after training on Saturday afternoons for my lunch. It has become a weekly ritual that the couple selling chicken rice can spot me coming from a distance away. Without having to mention or order anything, they will know what I will be ordering. 

Yes, it's always kway teow soup (果条汤 or guo tiao soup) with chicken breast meat and lots of vegetables. All this for only $3.50. And as I'm a regular, I do detect some extra chicken breast meat and heaps of vegetables (there's more at the bottom of the bowl!)

kway teow soup with chicken breast meat img

Even though I eat this every Saturday for lunch, I still find it yummy...Like it or not, it has become part of my meal lifestyle. In fact, you can cheat your way thin.
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