My Healthy Dessert Snack: High Fibre Cheese Cake

My Healthy Dessert Snack: High Fibre Cheese Cake
If you’ve always loved cheese cakes, here’s definitely news for you to cheer! Forget about the normal run-of-the-mill cheese cakes like New York cheese cakes, walnut cheese cakes, blueberry cheese cakes and the Japanese cheese cakes. These cheese cakes are notorious for¬†being fattening diet-wreckers. After all, all cheese cakes contain cream cheese and it is this ingredient that helps us pile on the calories and put on weight.

Hanging out with my friend in town today, I decided to have a cheat day and indulge in dessert. And that was how i discovered the newest cheese cake cousin in town. Presenting the high fibre cheese cake from Secret Recipe.


From its very name, one can instantly guess that it is not the normal cheese cake one is used to eating. This is the healthy version that contains fat-free or low-fat cream cheese. Sinking my teeth into the cheese cake, I could pick out the ingredients that went into making it. I tasted the high-fibre grains, seeds and nuts. In particular, I was munching on the sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, hazelnuts, oats, wheat, almonds, bran flakes, pistachio and raisins. All these are low in trans-fatty acids. It was delightful, without being too rich on the taste. Best of all, the flavour wasn’t comprised. Absolutely a perfect treat for the hot afternoon.

This is indeed a wholesome high fibre and healthy choice for cheese cake lovers. Now you can have your cake, eat it and not feel guilty at all. Bon appetite!