My Healthy Dessert Snack: Bean Curd Tart

My Healthy Dessert Snack: Bean Curd Tart
Is it possible for us to stop indulging in desserts or snacks when we are on an exercise programme? Well, my answer is that it is insane to deprive yourself of food, especially in a food paradise like Singapore.

However, what you can still do is be on the lookout for healthy desserts or healthy snacks. Yes, they do exist…if you know where to find them 🙂

I reckon there must be some egg tart fans out there? If you are one of them, then you are in luck! As we all know, an egg tart is delicious but may not be the healthiest snack out there as most tart recipes include butter, eggs and sugar.

Fret not…Introducing a healthier version without compromising the taste. The bean curd tart!

Being a huge soya bean fan and perhaps the most faithful one as well, it’s a double treat. In fact, I prefer soya bean milk over fresh milk. And for all readers out there who are lactose intolerant, do consider soya bean milk as well.

So when I came across this shop tucked away in a quiet corner of the Selegie area, my curiosity was piqued. Out came me with a box of bean curd tarts. I was lucky as I was told that I would normally have to call to pre-order. That box which I bought was a last-minute cancelled order from a customer.


When I sank my teeth into the beancurd tart, I could immediately taste the silky smooth soya bean filling.  Indeed, from what I understand, soya beans and almonds were first grinded and then cooked with water and pandan leaves for the fragrance. In fact, it was oozing with so much freshness that it reminded me of a soya bean drink. I love the taste. Add to the fact that it was fresh out of the fridge which meant the crust was hard.

I simply love the taste 🙂