My Health And Fitness Video – Cheers To Wellness

ntion the term ‘wellness’ and there is a high chance that many people still associate it with slimming centres, fad diets and spa retreats. Well, I don’t blame them as such images stick in our minds long after we have seen them thanks to clever advertising and celebrity endorsements.

In a world where wellness means more than that, it is unfortunate that people still have a misconception. If one could easily lose weight by zipping in and out of the slimming centres or swallowing a pill easily obtainable from the shelves, then all the fitness centres, gyms and parks should long be gone by now.

In an age where our quality of life has become top priority for many, if not all, there are links between the emotional, environmental and spiritual factors when it comes to wanting to lead a quality lifestyle.

Besides all these and perhaps more, it also means where I’m currently at and what are the gaps I must bridge in order to attain that quality lifestyle.

Without the fad diets that only result in weight rebounds once one gets off that diet; without the slimming centres which is more of water loss retention than anything else; and without the exorbitant spa retreats that burn a hole in the pocket, is there hope?

Of course there is! Seek inspiration from these guys and girls who have done it the natural way! I salute them as they have fun while embarking on their health and fitness journey to wellness 🙂

Lionel’s Health & Fitness Video – Cheers To Wellness