First Personal Publicity Introduction Video On Grooming

Election fever is raging on now as Singaporeans head to the ballet boxes on 7th May 2011 to vote for the political parties and candidates they feel best represent their interest in parliament.

And in the midst of all the campaigning and rallies, a friend of mine wrote on my Facebook page in good-natured humour that he could not imagine me making an election rally speech.

This was what he wrote…

“Vote for me and you get 1 year free supply of skin care products!
Vote for me and I teach you how to stand properly!”

When I first saw this, I laughed.

In life, we should always do what we do best as that’s where our talents lie. The universe has bestowed different talents to different people and only when we harness them to the full potential, can we add beauty to other people’s lives.

I have no political ambitions. I’m just happy being able to be help others transform themselves through a variety of ways to be a better person, both inside out and outside in. Whatever transformations one makes, one makes with sheer determination and conviction that it can be done. This does have similar parallels to a political candidate’s aspirations as the one voted into parliament should also make the effort to help enhance the lives of the electorate.

However, if the day should ever come for me to make my maiden election rally speech, of course I would still speak on topics which are close to my heart. I’m someone who wears my heart on my sleeve. Just like how some political candidates speak up on issues such as the rising costs of living, influx of foreigners, lack of political apathy among others; I’ll choose to speak on the need to project a professional image.

As I watch the introduction videos of some of the political candidates, I can’t help but come up with my five tips. Here they are.

1. Do not appear as if you are reading from the script.

2. Display a range of emotions on your face.

3. Finish your sentences and be mindful of your consonants.

4. Smile.

5. Leave your contact details at the end of the video.

Perhaps some political party may want to consider hiring me to groom their candidates too…Lol…

And this is my first personal publicity video. Remember, wanting to look good is more than the dress, the talk and the walk. It’s about how well you know yourself.

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My First Personal Publicity Video on Grooming