Mrs Singapore 2012 Pageant Incorporating Mrs Southeast Asia

Mrs Singapore 2012 Pageant Incorporating Mrs Southeast Asia
Just slightly over four hours at 11pm, we celebrated the emergence of a new Mrs Singapore and Elite Mrs Singapore. Judged the best based on their performance tonight and during the prior prejudging segment, the 2012 edition of Mrs Singapore 2012 Pageant was moved to a bigger venue this year.
Back to perform my judging duties again, the Singapore Conference Hall welcomed the Singapore participants and their scream-a-minute, whistle-another-minute supporters who upped the atmosphere of the pageant with their deafening shouts of adoration, whistles of support and thunderous applause. Posters, banners and placards of all shapes and sizes too were carried by the supporters who came in droves to support the lady of their choice.
I really loved the electrifying ambience as it symbolised the love and support from family, friends and fans – the three key pillars of any successful pageant. Different people enter beauty pageants for different reasons. If you ask me, most people join beauty pageants because they want to have a fulfilling experience.

This culminates from gaining confidence, improving public speaking skills, meeting new people (otherwise known as networking) and of course, winning the prizes.

As the name suggests, beauty is an integral part of Mrs Singapore 2012 Pageant. But because this is a pageant for married women, the ability to balance both family, work and of course pageantry duties thereafter are also considering factors. You must be beautiful. But you must also have talent and the bandwidth to cope with the rehearsals, behind-the-door trainings, workshops, talent show segment and the media attention.
And as the pressure mounts, you can count on your supporters who will cheer you on during the final leg – the finals!
Tonight was also the night for the presentation of my awards. If you recall, from 25 June 2012 to 24 July 2012, I organised a Luxe Queens Reign competition in search of the sexiest and most glamorous women in this pageant. Friends, colleagues, family members and fans were asked to vote for the lady that best exemplified these qualities via Facebook. And here we have our sexy and glamorous winners for each category.
Not wanting to be outshone was our other group of ladies from the Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China and Pakistan. Sashaying their way across the stage and representing the brightest hopes of their countries, it was a visual treat for the eyes especially in the national costume segments. They were competing for the Mrs Southeast Asia and Mrs Asia International titles. 
A pageant is not always about the victor and the vanquished. It really is about owning the stage in the precious few minutes you are on it. It does take tremendous courage to look confident, walk gracefully and strut your stuff up there, in front of the hundreds of eyeballs.
Yes, it may be sad that only one woman can walk away with the final accolade. But I’m sure in the hearts of the supporters and on behalf of the judging panel, all the ladies who lit up the stage tonight were winners in their very own right. 

Congratulations to all the main title winners and subsidiary title winners! You have given your best and you deserve waking up to a new day with a new dazzling tiara and a world of new opportunities!

All the beautiful ladies came to town to witness the crowning of the new Queens tonight 🙂