Lunchtime Grooming Talks for IFS Capital Limited

Lunchtime Grooming Talks for IFS Capital Limited
It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to share my knowledge with others so that they too can improve the quality of their lives. More importantly, what I feel particularly blessed is the fact that I get to reach out to a wide segment of the market, ranging from corporations, schools to individuals. Depending on the needs of each niche, grooming workshops and talks are customised so as to give maximum value.

I just wrapped up two lunchtime grooming talks for the staff of IFS Capital Limited. There were 28 attendees yesterday and 20 today. I really give credit to organisations who take pains to arrange such talks for their employees as it shows they are really a people-friendly organisation. It’s not just work, work and more work. And for the staff as well, kudos to them too as they sacrificed their precious lunchtime just to hear me speak.



If there’s anything I learnt from these two days, it’s that energy feeds on energy. I particularly enjoyed myself during the second installment as the participants were more high and participative as compared to the first group. It could also be because I tweaked the information to include more practical stuff which the ladies could relate to.

From what I observed, both groups enjoyed the personality traits the most. Perhaps this is something refreshing. Hmm…I know for one, I am a true romantic because I absolutely love buying clothes, shoes and watches. Guess I am the quintessential modern guy who is not afraid to declare his love for the finer things in life. And most of the ladies in both sessions too belong to this category.



In this world where appearance (unfortunately) takes precedence over almost everything else at first sight, we need to maintain a presentable outlook when we meet clients or go to work. Imagine being evaluated the very moment you wake up by your family members, followed by more evaluation by your strangers when you board the train or bus…and continued evaluation by your colleagues and bosses when you reach the office! Welcome to the world of evaluation. With due respect, unless you are working in a uniformed organisation like the armed forces or police, you can’t get away with one set of clothing. A typical work week comprises five working days, sometimes even five and a half working days. So imagine the need to present a fresh look each day to the people around you. I shudder to think you should appear in your same white long-sleeved shirt from Monday to Friday!

But then again, the art of dressing does not dictate that you empty your bank account just to splurge on clothes, shoes, accessories and watches just to look good. It’s all about how you mix and match the items in your wardrobe so you can come up with surprisingly many different looks. Trust me, it can be done.



Another perennial favourite is determining one’s facial shape. Once you know your own facial shape, you can work wonders with your image as you will know what hairstyles and accessories suit you better. It is not true that the oval facial shape is the best. Look around you and you will find celebrities and beautiful people with all sorts of facial shape. It’s how you carry yourself and bring out the best in you that matters most!

Attend my workshop and find out your facial shape in just two simple steps. Yes, it’s that simple. I don’t believe in making my workshops difficult. In fact, I simplify the difficult concepts into piece-meal fashion, often in two or three steps so that participants can remember. I’ll see you soon!