Lionel Lim Celebrates 10 Years of Business Excellence

Lionel Lim Celebrates 10 Years of Business Excellence

So I quietly passed my 10th year work anniversary…with no fanfare, no celebrations, no parties.

Can’t believe it’s been a decade since I started my first business back in 2009. It’s been an exciting journey and I can’t wait to do so much more. It’s gratifying to be able to do what you love and turn it into a profitable business while following the M.A.D. principle – making a dollar while making a difference.

How often do you live your life? Once.

Whose life is it? Yours.

Thank you everyone for the great times and let them roll for many more years to come!

For my readers out there who are still hesitating to take that first step out, here’s my advice: “If you let people steal your dreams, then it’s the start of your very own nightmare as you have chosen to surrender your rights to lead a more fulfilling life.” – Lionel Lim, 2019.