Life Profiling Workshop For Mindef

Life Profiling Workshop For Mindef
This is a philosophical question. What is life? To many of us, it means the existence of us on this planet. To others, it may represent the significance of each breathing moment.
Whether you take the first or second definition or come up with another one of your own, I’m certain we will all agree that life is a choice. The paths we take, the people we meet, the lessons we learn, the dreams we chase…
Life is short. It is something that we ought to cherish. What is important is the quality of life itself and not the length of it. 
That in essence was the gist of today’s life profiling workshop at Mindef. It’s the second run for this programme.
Comprising regulars, civilians and NSFs, they have come to find out more about their selves and how they can live life to the fullest.


Life profiling combines what I term the best from both science and arts to give each and every one of us a 90% accuracy in reading what lies ahead in life for us. Simply follow the techniques taught and you will marvel at the wealth of information that you are about to unlock. There is no black magic involved. This is no reading of crystal balls. 
It was heartwarming to see some of my past participants (from other workshops) at this workshop today. As we bantered, I realized that I too was like them some years ago…until I learned how to harness my full potentials using the art of life profiling.
We all have strengths and weaknesses. The aim is to harness our strengths further and improve on our weaknesses so we become even better human beings. When we improve, there will be automatic shift in all our relations – think our relationships with our family, friends, colleagues and strangers. You can call this a cosmic change or you can simply term it “a change of choice”.
Let me share an anecdote. If you know there is a cliff in front of you, will you continue walking towards it? I bet you will stop and turn around. Similarly in life, if you know what you are currently doing or the friends you have are not going to improve your lot in life, will you still string along? Or will you make the effort to change?
Morbid as it sounds, our time on this earth is ticking away with every heartbeat. I certainly do not want to lie on my deathbed regretting the things I have wanted to do but have not. I want to live my life to the fullest and play to my maximum capacity. I am very sure my audience today share the same aspirations with me. And after today, I’m equally sure they will walk away feeling empowered and ready to make the necessary changes.