Ladies Grooming Talks For KS Energy

Ladies Grooming Talks For KS Energy
I feel extra bubbly today. It’s not my birthday. Neither is it Christmas yet. But there’s just something special about my mood. Every footstep I take, every smile I flash is one that betrays that momentous feeling within.
Maybe it’s because I’ll be having two back-to-back grooming talks in a moment’s time at KS Energy. Or maybe it’s because of the extra warm reception from Janice, the lady from HR whom I click so well with even though we are meeting for the first time.
Did I tell you before a happy mood can be infectious? It fills your body with an expected zest of energy and you feel on top of the world.
Standing in front of the group of all ladies only, I have long banished the ghosts of butterflies in the stomach. I am in the moment and clearly enjoying myself. After the customary self-introduction, I did the unthinkable. Like a little child who wants to shout out to the world after he gets the candy he so desires, I let out the secret.
And now that it’s been revealed, it’s no longer a secret.
I told the ladies KS Energy is the 100th company I have trained thus far since I embarked on this training journey.
They applauded.

I bowed.



I’m really humbled by the positive vibes from all my participants, including the ladies at today’s two grooming talks
Thank you everyone past and present, for allowing me to share my knowledge with you. I’m truly blessed 🙂

And to reward myself, I’m going to buy myself a small present and gear up towards the next 100 companies.