It’s All In The Mind

“Only 8?”  was what my client exclaimed when I started counting the number of reps in the set.

“No, already 8.” I replied. “Only 7 more to go.”

As a strong proponent that our mind is our greatest enemy, I believe strongly that we can achieve almost anything as long as we shut out the little voice in our head that tells us otherwise.

Like in this case, had the client tweaked his mind to think “wow, I’ve finished 8 reps and there are only 7 to go” instead of thinking “oh no, I’ve only done 8 reps and there are another 7 to go”, the benefits will be double-fold.

First, he will be able to push himself harder as he knows he has already crossed the midway mark and is fast reaching the destination. Secondly, it sends a positive signal from his brain to his body which needs extra motivation at this crucial stage to complete the required number of reps.

Mental resilience is the key to success in anything we do. If we persevere, we will be able to savour the fruits of our labour with pride. That’s why in all of my trainings, I harp so much on the importance of training the mind as well.