Image Consultant Certification Programme

Image Consultant Certification Programme
It’s been a remarkable journey since I started my image consultancy business in 2009. In the span of five years, I have single-handedly trained over 180 corporations, organisations, businesses and educational institutions combined. I have left indelible imprints in the hearts and minds of more than 5000 participants. This number does not include the private style coaching clients who engage me on a one-on-one basis. My students and ex-participants still connect with me via social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
My growth and reputation in this industry has been further boosted by the numerous media appearances, features and reports from television, newspapers, magazines and radio – all of which were free publicity.  Not forgetting the different awards that were bestowed on me. For all this and more, I am thoroughly blessed =)
Helping others up their image quotient is my trump card. In fact, of all my 15 coaching programmes and customized workshops, grooming remains my signature programme. It seems Lionel Lim is synonymous with image consultancy and vice versa.
Many have asked me about my future plans. Honestly, to have become an authority in this field in five years is no mean feat. It’s definitely worth celebrating. But I’m not resting on my laurels.
My aim is to go one step further and become a legend.

To become a legend and cement a legacy, I have decided to do the unthinkable. I am going to impart all my skills and knowledge (including business know-how) to a select group of apprentices. I call this my Image Consultant Certification Programme. Not everyone gets to join. In fact, I will personally screen interested applicants.


In this world’s first 5.5 week programme with an Asian focus, participants get to spend quality time with me on a weekly basis. And to make the deal sweeter, I will also mentor the graduates for three months post-programme and get them involved in real business deals to co-train on corporate and government projects.
Speaking the truth with honesty and compassion is what I do best. I have watched how many image consultants and style coaches struggle to do this business full-time. In fact, I know of a long laundry list of people who have paid exorbitant sums of money for a similar programme and yet they return to becoming salaried employees. Buried deep within the sands are their once lofty dreams of starting their image consultancy business. That’s because they can’t get business deals. And no business deals means you will have to eat grass.
I’m sorry to hear of their plight. But I’m even more sorry for the fact that they chose to attend the wrong programme or follow the wrong mentor.
I’m a go-getter in life. My graduates from my Image Consultant Certification Programme (ICCP) are going to make it because I am going to ensure they succeed. It is as simple as that. When I groom people to become successful in their trade, that’s another massive achievement for me.
The seeds of the Image Consultant Certification Programme are not completely new. I drew inspiration from my earlier Train The Trainer Certification Programme for my fitness trainers. To date, I have conducted five runs of that programme and every single fitness trainer has made money. Now I am just rinsing and repeating the success formula for image consultants.
What gets me doubly excited is that I have set up a completely new website dedicated to the Image Consultant Certification Programme.
And to share the second piece of good news, today I welcome two aspiring students in the pioneer batch of ICCP. For the next 5.5 weeks, they will journey with me, master the different grooming concepts, style their first client and finally when they graduate in early December, do their first customized workshop later that month. They will become certified image consultants. Yes, that’s how fast and furious I work.
I wish for them everything that my business has brought me. This is the chief reason I founded the Image Consultant Course to help participants learn, implement, and grow their business into the dream career it can be.

The world is a beautiful place to live in. And watch Lionel Lim add his touch of magic to it by moulding successful image consultants so they can transform even more lives through style, substance and success.

If you aspire to be the industry’s next “It” guy or girl, I’ll be happy to be your mentor and guide you along. Email me to discuss further =)


“If this is your faith, believe it.
If this is your destiny, follow it.
If this is your life, live it.

If this is your moment, relish it.” 

— Lionel Lim