I Am Motivated: I Can Do It!

It seems that one of the most important things to people aiming to improve their health and physique is to receive constant motivation. And for this very important reason, every little progress that my clients have made is magnified so that they know I appreciate their continuous effort to improve. Without this regular impetus, good intentions can revert to old habits and a backward slide may be observed. After all, it does take a good few weeks to instill a good habit.

If you currently feel a need for motivation, please understand that we all go through this problem. Temptation to give the gym a miss or to give in to that tasty treat is with us all. Embarking on something new is always challenging. I wouldn’t say it is difficult or impossible as many others before you have succeeded.

Should you fall afoul of a couple of drinks, pizza or a sugar-loaded chocolate bar, simply “do the deed” and immediately get back on track.

Above all, don’t let one slip cause you to throw in the towel and repeat the lapse, thus taking you back very quickly to square one.

Drum up your motivational drive by telling yourself that if you don’t choose to exercise and eat clean, then not only will you revert to your former poor condition, but things will assuredly get worse as the weeks and months go by. Our body is a holy temple but it can withstand this amount of abuse from us. Continue to abuse it day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year…and finally one day it will tell you it has had enough.

Keep up the battle and you will go from strength to strength. I know you can do it: and yes, I mean YOU! Talk to me if you need help.