Health Promotion Board Student Health Ambassador Programme For Primary Schools: Yu Neng Primary School

It’s been an extremely fruitful journey bringing the Health Promotion Board’s Student Health Ambassador Programme to the different primary schools since the first lesson in March 2013 at Yuhua Primary School. I’ve criss-crossed the Singapore island map from north to south, then east to west.

I’ve been at Yu Neng Primary School since yesterday and this marks the 12th primary school that will benefit from this amazing two-day workshop that incorporates healthy eating, physical exercise, anti-smoking, mental resilience and personal hygiene into the five core modules. 


A strong spokesperson of healthy living myself, it’s gratifying to see students from the primary school levels (who range from ages 10 to 12) gathering here during their school holidays to learn.
A well-rounded programme must always comprise both theory and practical. This is a proven formula we use for all our workshops. Apart from having lots of hands-on activities and quizzes to engage these young minds, I also added in games. 

We have all been young before and we know young children have boundless energies to expend. What better way to inculcate team building and communication skills to them through games? 


Personally, I love games too as it’s astute to observe human behavior through games. And there will only be winners and learners. If you don’t win in this activity or game, you pick up a learning experience and do better during the next opportunity. 

Looking at all the happy faces after the two-day workshop, I know deep down inside this has been yet another resounding success. 

Health champs…kudos to all of you. And here’s cheers to healthy living :)

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