Health Management International Programme Tie-Up

For most of this month and last, except for conducting my grooming workshops and fitness trainings, I’m cooped up largely at home. And there’s good reason to do so as I’ve been focusing my energies in course development.

Yes, from trainer to service provider and now course developer, it’s been helping to stretch my potentials to the fullest 🙂

And it’s all in good faith as I’ve just tied up with Health Management International (HMI) to develop five modules for their students. Health Management International Ltd (HMI) is a Singapore-based Healthcare Service and education provider with business activities in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Located in close proximity to the major hospitals, HMI is Singapore’s first private dedicated healthcare education provider.

When I was given the list of topics to work on, I naturally picked those that were within my areas of expertise. These included:

– Grooming & Poise
– Food & Nutrition
– Service Excellence
– Oral Presentation Skills
– Stress Management 

Busy as I am, but when a good opportunity comes along, I will not hesitate. After all, deciding to work together meant I had faith that the organisation could deliver what I was developing and help add value to the healthcare practitioners. As I have friends in the healthcare industry, I understand the challenges they face and the demands made on them by patients and healthcare institutions.

I guess the biggest challenge was to tailor the syllabus to cater to both the fresh students intending to join the industry after they just left school, as well as the mid-career entrants. 

Combining my professional knowledge and my corporate experience, I finally finished the five modules, comprising both course notes amounting to at least 50 pages and Powerpoint slides.

Now that my assignment is done, it’s time to go for a short run 🙂