Health Is Wealth

I remember my mother used to tell me that ‘health is wealth’ when I was much younger. But back then, I didn’t really understand why this was so. Following the demise of my father, I finally realised the true importance of health. And that was one of the contributing reasons why I decided to take positive steps to transform myself and live life the way I wanted to. Goodbye skinny old me. Goodbye frail sickly me. Goodbye acne prone me. Goodbye no confident me.

After years of experimenting and finally coming up with the right formula to looking good, I have come to realise that looking good is more than just the dress, walk and talk. It also involves looking good from inside out. If your internal systems are not in tip-top condition, then it’s hard to say you are a lifestyle advocate.

Today, I was at Toa Payoh HDB Hub Atrium after training a client when I saw Guardian Pharmacy organising a free health roadshow for the public. Although it was touted as a free roadshow cum check, it certainly wasn’t just the run-of-the-mill Body Mass Index (BMI) test. 

Having time to spare, I decided to put my internal systems to the test. After all, it’s always good to have an accurate diagnosis of the state of your internal systems. 

First Station – Weight Management

I cleared the first station which as essentially a BMI reading. In fact, the good news is I can pack on even more muscles! Yeah!

Second Station – Blood Pressure

My blood pressure was good and well within the normal range. Guess you don’t really feel stressed when you do the things you enjoy doing. When you live life the way you want it to be, everything just seems to fall into place, with the blessings of the universe.

Third Station – Blood Cholesterol

The health care personnel doing the test at this station shared with me that another young gentleman who did this test a few days ago was diagnosed with high cholesterol. And she wondered aloud if I was going to show similar results. I just smiled.

I must have either made her day or caused her to lose a bet because my cholesterol reading was better than desirable. Considering what a clean eater I am (and for all the meals I plan for my clients as well…remember, must follow the meals to a T ok?), I would be in for the rudest shock should the results show otherwise.

Fourth Station – Blood Glucose

My blood glucose level is within the ideal range. I’m not a sugary person. As I abstain from soft drinks, the results didn’t come as a surprise for me. Although we know that sugar is the main culprit behind weight gain but it is difficult to deny the fact that a sweet tooth still exists among many people.

Fifth Station – Bone Mass Density

I initially felt a little offended when the health care personnel manning this booth just tore off the result and pushed it to me with no explanations at all. It was only later when I learnt that my T-score was a positive one and thus needed no explanations. She only spent time reaching out to those with negative T-scores. Oh I see…

I can personally attest to the perils of osteoporosis as I’ve seen some seniors experience great discomfort. One great great grandaunt from my extended family is one such unfortunate person to be suffering from severe osteoporosis. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If you don’t take enough calcium, make sure you go for a calcium supplement. The best supplement should have 3 parts of Calcium and 2 parts Magnesium. The presence of magnesium actually helps you absorb the calcium better.

Summing up my almost 2 hours at the health fair, I give it two thumbs up for the effort gone into preparation and making such essential checks so affordable to the mass public!