Health And Wellness Talk For KHL Marketing Asia Pacific

Health And Wellness Talk For KHL Marketing Asia Pacific

It’s the new release of my series of health and fitness talks. What I have done is to blend together several topics together into one single series, simply and aptly titled “Health and Wellness” for the participants from KHL Marketing Asia Pacific.


If you ask me, there’s a significant difference between health and wellness. Often mentioned in the same breath, the two are not on equal terms. Health is but a subset of wellness as wellness encompasses everything. And physical wellness (aka health) is just a small part of it.



Putting things in perspective, we’ve all heard of numerous calls to do something about our worklife balance. But hearing it is not good enough. Many a times, when we hear something too often, we become numb to it. 


Feeling incredibly relaxed as it’s one of my favourite pet topics, I chose to challenge them to do something about it instead. And what better way than not to have a thick rule book to follow by, but just 7 simple, but practical and easy to implement tips that everybody can use instantly.


If these 7 tips can help me find balance in my schedule, I’m sure they will work wonders too for your life. Stop worrying and start living!