Health And Fitness Talk For Lexmark International Singapore

Health And Fitness Talk For Lexmark International Singapore

A big group or small group? It really doesn’t matter to me as the most important consideration is that the participants who signed up are willing to participate and by doing so, extract maximum value from my talks and workshops 🙂

Welcome to Lexmark International Singapore – the next stop of my health and fitness talk today. We all know the importance that health plays in our daily lives. But many choose to ignore it until the first signs of a possible ailment comes a-knocking. That’s when we start to panic. Rather than be faced with this scenario, it’s always wiser and better to do some self-maintenance.

Self-maintenance will not be too much to ask – all it requires is some form of exercise 30 minutes each time for three times a week. If we can spend hours sitting in front of the television or hours playing my i-phone games, why not invest that same time to better use?

To the small group of staff who ‘sacrificed’ their lunchtime to listen to me today, I’m very sure they have benefited tremendously. In life we always have choices to make – it’s either we choose to make a difference to ourselves or choose to remain constant. For for every decision we make, there are always  different end results.

We hold the key to better health and fitness in our very own hands. The question is – are you willing to do something for yourself so that you will benefit in the long run?