Have A Rest Day

Take my cue, it’s important to designate at least one day in a week as your rest day. The reason is simple as your muscles don’t become stronger and leaner when you work out. In fact, the contrary happens as working out actually breaks them down. Your muscles only improve when given the right amount of rest (typically 48 to 72 hours). Therefore, it is so crucial to schedule in recovery periods. Never work the same muscle groups on consecutive days less you run the risk of injury.
As you enjoy your rest day, so too do your muscles and they will thank you for it. This is when your muscles have enough time to recuperate, rebuild and recharge between each and every workout. 

Do not feel bad when you take a day or two off per week. You truly deserve it as you have given your best during your workouts and worked hard. Go catch up with your friends, watch a movie, walk around town or simply spend quality time with your family!