Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

As we awake today, we’ll be blessed with a most amazing gift – a fresh set of 365 days. These days are pure and flawless and most importantly, limitless. They offer all of us an opportunity to move forward, demonstrate courage, ignite brilliantly, connect compassionately and instill new habits that will get us to even greater heights. Not forgetting, these 365 days will also offer all of us the space to laugh, add value and accomplish our fresh dreams with renewed vigor.

As we approach this new year, it’s like we have all been given a fresh piece of canvas again. What images you desire to draw, what colours you decide to paint – it’s all up to you. What is the same white canvas will ultimately turn out to be different for all of us. It’s the power of our thoughts, coupled with our actions that determine our outcome.

Seize this brand new day and make the best of every day following it.

There will never be a better you that you. There will never be a better me than me. Others may copy the way you think, speak or dress. But no matter how hard they try, they are at best a second-best. The reason is simple – because you are unique and you have talents which others lack.

It’s time to make our New Year resolutions again and walk this magical ride through the next 365 days.

Wishing everyone a blessed and fruitful New Year ahead. Happy 2012!


PS: One of my facebook friends left a message on my wall saying it’s 366 days in 2012 and not 365. That makes the deal even sweeter right? One more day for us to fulfill our dreams 🙂