Hair Cut Before Lunar New Year

Hair Cut Before Lunar New Year
There are many reasons why we cut our hair. Among these reasons will be the hair’s getting a little unruly and out of shape. So we cut it to look neat and presentable. Another reason would be we want to change the way we look. That is to have a new hairstyle. A small minority of people cut their hair to symbolize a new beginning – it could be the end of a relationship. Just like the phoenix rising from the ashes, that hair cut is a symbolic fresh start.
This last reason brings me to the topic of today’s blog sharing.
Lunar New Year is very near the corner. You can see stores hawking their wares – namely festive goodies, sweets, decorations and bak kwa (sweetened pork) popping up everywhere we turn. Besides these offerings and the festive mood in general, there’s one aspect most of us, me included, will observe. And that is to have a proper hair cut.
As we know, it’s considered inauspicious to have anything to do with sharp objects especially on the first day of the Lunar New Year. So no sharp knives are allowed. It is believed the sharpness of such objects will cut away the good familial relationships. And of course this is the last thing we want as it’s bad luck. A hair cut before the Lunar New Year is therefore deemed a must.
So if you happen to pass by any hair salon or barber shop, you will see snaking queues for haircuts that lasts for at least two weeks until the Lunar New Year’s eve. And be prepared to pay a slightly higher price for that hair cut.
While ladies love to spruce up their image and look fabulous while house visiting over the Lunar New Year holidays, guys like myself with short hair too will take an extra haircut before the new year.
Image is everything as it is the way we brand ourselves. Unkempt, uncleaned and unruly are out. Neat, presentable and comfortable are in.

You would probably observe from most of my pictures that my hair is perennially short and spiky (as it suits my facial shape best!). Then is there a need for another hair cut before the Lunar New Year?

Yes! Getting a hair cut, or even a hair trim is symbolic of removing the unsavory moments in life during the last year. Out with the bad luck (or ill fortune) and in with everything good luck characterized by the fresh, new and pristine. Starting the New Year on a positive note is important for everyone. We do not want to be saddled with the negative moments of the past year. We want a fresh start on a bright, young note.

With a new hair cut and new clothes, I’m all ready to usher in the Lunar New Year and welcome the year of the water snake. Are you?

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‘Tis said that the new year will be a wet year as it’s the water snake. But then again, we Chinese associate water with luck, so there’s nothing to worry…haha…

Here’s wishing everyone a superb Year of the Snake blessed with good health, happiness and success 🙂