Gym Workout: Three Sets Versus Four Sets

I’m starting my gym workouts in the new year using a three set system. This refers to doing only three sets per exercise. Normally I would do four sets per exercise but have since decided to stick to three for the next few weeks. 

Is a three set gym workout programme better than its four set cousin? Well, the truth is that there is no one more superior gym workout programme. It all depends on what you are looking for. I advise doing four sets per exercise should you want a more intense workout as you really max out your strength after the fourth set. The workout is definitely more focused and rewarding.

On the other hand, try the three sets per exercise if you want to have the stamina to move quickly and cover more exercises. This is recommended for people who want variety in life instead of just sticking to a maximum of four or five exercises as per the four set gym workout. Embarking on a three set gym workout programme does not mean sacrificing the intensity. One can still attain the same hard pump after the third set. All things being equal, this translates into one feeling the delayed muscle soreness the next day too. 

Personally, I like changing my workout programmes every 5-6 weeks so as stimulate muscle growth. Muscles have memory and doing the same routine each time you are in the gym is not going to help them grow or become stronger. In fact, they may even stagnate because they are too used to the same non-stimulus. 

Varying your workouts constantly is the key to having fun while working out. When you enjoy your workouts, that’s when you look forward eagerly to the next one…And one can only have fun when one learns to play with different training systems. Enjoy!