Grooming Workshop for PCI Limited

Grooming Workshop for PCI Limited

To be honest, I was a little taken aback when I walked into the seminar room today. Half anticipating a normally subdued crowd that needed some warming up, it was definitely not the case this time. Instead, I was bowled over by a super high energy group of about 43 participants from PCI Limited. And I was secretly happy because a high energy audience attracts a high energy trainer!



I applaud companies like PCI Limited as it allocates the last Friday of each month as their in-service day. This is the time when its staff are given opportunities for personal growth when external trainers, like myself, are invited to share with them our areas of expertise.

Maybe it had to do with the casual dress down Friday as almost everyone was in jeans that contributed to the relaxed mood from the onset. But whatever reason it was, I felt good doing the grooming workshop today. Despite comprising both ladies and men in the audience, it was evident that besides the high energy, the staff had a very good rapport, joking, cajoling and teasing one another when it came to group discussions and sharing sessions.

But amidst all the fun and laughter, the participants were getting to know themselves better. Because only when you thoroughly know yourself can you look your best!

There’s no need to be dressed in the latest fashion or to the nines as most of us do not find the latest fashion trends (think spring/summer collection or the recent fall/winter collection) suitable for office wear, weekends or daily wear!

Here’s one important tip for everyone – Wear something occasion appropriate and that flatters one’s body shape. That’s how you can leave a positive first impression on others. You will then be your own style paragon!


He managed to make everyone laugh…I remember what he shared 🙂

Sharing on behalf of her team & getting all smiles around

First, check if the jawline is an angular or curved one

Joining in the discussion…

One group photo for keepsakes