Grooming Workshop for Greenview Secondary School

Grooming Workshop for Greenview Secondary School
Following up from yesterday’s dining etiquette portion, today’s topics zooms in specifically on social etiquette and grooming tips for the students.
Not wanting to just be a one-way transfer of information, I got the students to participate in the social etiquette portion by standing, sitting, squatting and walking. Almost everyone in the class had a chance to practise. While we may stand or sit or walk in our normal manner on a daily basis, getting scrutinised by 30 plus pairs of eyes is certainly a new experience in itself.
When standing, do a quick check on feet placement and whether student is slouching or not. On the issue of slouching, I think maybe it’s because of the weight of the heavy schoolbag but most kids nowadays tend to slouch at a young age. Slouching is extremely bad for the back as it does not help support your body posture at all. If I see a slouching person, the first impression I get from him/her is that of laziness. If you do have a slouching challenge, it can be improved upon. Simply visit the gym and work on your back muscles, otherwise known technically as your latissimus dorsi. A strong back will thank you for many many years to come as you can bid farewell to stiffness, aches and pains.


And boys will forever be boys. When discussing the topic of shaking hands, the boys were all too excited to shake each other’s hand. Well, I could tell from the expressions on some faces that they were more keen to treat their classmate to a knuckle grinder handshake. See, I was right. This picture below is evidence 🙂

The right way to shake someone’s hand is to match the other person’s grip strength. Always look the person in the eye and show sincerity when shaking someone’s hand, especially when you are meeting someone for the first time.


I will also not forget the joke of the day. When sharing with the class that men should not allow the hairs on their shins to show when they cross their legs sitting down, one student suggested that all male species should henceforth wear stockings so as to solve this problem. I couldn’t help but laugh.


Summing up my observations, it was clear that the students particularly liked two segments – skincare and dressing tips. Perhaps they are so so right as these two topics “strike” straight at the heart, the seat of all emotions. Look good, look good, everyone wants to look good. Plus everyone’s at the teenage years, where looking good is not just of paramount importance to oneself as it helps to boost self-confidence but also looking good helps one attract the opposite sex as well!

Hmm…looking good is everyone’s right and it’s not a myth that it is difficult to get good skin. As long as you cleanse, tone and moisturise daily (both day and light), you will be able to get better skin! Try it today…and if you do encounter any challenges along the way, just drop me a mail 🙂