Grooming Workshop Contracts Inked

Today’s the start of a brand new beginning as I’ve inked a contract with a service provider to conduct a series of grooming workshops for interested schools. I can foresee many exciting opportunities ahead as the contract is just the start of a beautiful partnership. 
I really feel so blessed that my efforts have been recognised and more schools and corporations in Singapore are beginning to be more receptive to organise grooming workshops for students and staff. In the past, this would certainly be unheard of.
Grooming, grooming, why is it important for one to be well-groomed? Because like it or not, we all live in a world where first impressions matter a great deal. Even if you don’t open your mouth to say anything, your attire and the way you carry yourself (basically your confidence) shines through. Whether you leave a positive first impression or not is determined within one-tenth of a second. Yes, that’s how fast one forms an impression of another person.
If you are keen to organise a similar workshop for your organisation or you are looking for individual coaching in style, poise & etiquette, look no further. I’ll be more than happy to be your guide in your grooming journey. Leave me a message and I’ll get to you soonest possible. Cheers!