Grooming Training For Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Grooming Training For Mitsubishi Electric Asia
So if you spend a slightly longer time looking at the mirror each morning before you leave the house, does that make you vain?
Of course not!
Remember, personal grooming is not about vanity. Instead, it’s all about you and your image!
If you are well groomed, you project a positive first impression in the hearts and minds of others. This leads other people to think well and behave positively towards you.
Sharing anecdotes on how effortlessly it is to create a positive first impression, I welcomed the participants from Mitsubishi Electric Asia for today’s personal grooming training talk.
With a considerable number of men in the class (yes, personal grooming is slowly but surely gaining a foothold in the male domain), personal grooming is essentially about presenting yourself in the best possible way. If you think you look like a million dollars and behave that way through your demeanor, dressing and overall presentation.

Having trained more than 3600 participants from my grooming workshops, I dare say this – products are made in the factory, but images are made in the mind.


Regardless of how impressive a service counter may be or impressive a company’s logo may look, if the staff does not look that part, the image is tarnished. So it really boils down to the individual.
I’m not advocating dressing from head to toe in branded clothes. That really is overdoing it. Instead, you should know what styles suit you and how you should dress for each different occasion.
Of course, grooming yourself is just part of the agenda. You need to first start with adopting good personal hygiene such as having a regular skincare regime, trim your nails and hair regularly…In short, look delectable like the cake on the table so that people will want a piece of you, clamor for your services and (if you are still single) date you!

Upping your image quotient is not difficult. It all begins with knowing yourself. And if you want to find out how, stay tuned in to my next grooming workshop in Singapore.