Grooming Talk For Singapore Indian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (SICCI)

Grooming Talk For Singapore Indian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (SICCI)

On a dressed down casual Friday, one would expect the mood of the staff to be equally buoyant and fun, won’t you? Indeed.

And we all certainly had a good laugh when one participant mentioned during the grooming talk at the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) that men in general do not look at a woman’s body language. Men will instead look at a woman’s body and then start to shape their own internal language.



If this observation was true, then it does make it even more important for a woman to know how to carry herself well in terms of her dressing and etiquette. As is often mentioned, clothes maketh the man or woman. Choose the right clothes and you will give the illusion that you are well-dressed, regardless of whether you have the goods or not. Similarly, choose the wrong clothes and nobody will bat you an eyelid. And even if someone would, it would be to critique your lack of style.

Like it or not, how we dress makes up 55% of our total image score and that’s why we need to know how to capitalize on this to up our image quotient.
Perhaps one of the most useful tips I shared today was that one should take some time to really study one’s face. We all have a face, but how many of us have actually made full use of it?

Spend some time looking into the mirror (or get someone to be your human mirror) and identify your face shape. Knowing your face shape is the first step to deciding what type of hairstyle suits you. It also is a predeterminant of the type of spectacle frame and accessories you should choose.