Grooming Talk for Rosyth School Students Day Three

Grooming Talk for Rosyth School Students Day Three

Today’s workshop started a little later than usual as the children were having a briefing session in the hall. Then I heard the sounds of running shoes as they came in one by one. 

Obviously not shy of seeing a foreign face in class, some of them smiled at me. That’s a good start, I thought to myself. Welcome to Primary 5 – Class Earnest!

With the teacher in charge in class, 2 min was all it took for the class to settle down. And this class was more sporting as in there were no squabbles about one kid not wanting to be in the same group as another kid. All were equally sporting. Great! 

It’s no mere coincidence that I chose a white shirt again today. The choice of a colour evokes a different emotional response from both ourselves as well as the people around us. Sharing with the kids the psychology of colours, white symbolises purity, innocence and openness to learning. 

grooming workshop psychology of colours img
The psychology of colours

One particular group was really adorable. When discussing image destroyers, they didn’t take long to brainstorm their ideas. They just looked at one another in the group and started pointing out what they did not like. ” You are fat’, ‘You stink’, You have dandruff on your hair’….’you have pimples on your face’….’your dirty shirt’….’you dig nose’….’you farted’…. I was initially in stitches…but later reminded the group to focus on the destroyer and not attack the person.

grooming workshop image destroyers img
Group presentation

Some kids left indelible impressions on me as they were not shy to come forward to present. So in order to give everyone chance, I laid down ground rules that those who have shared should give others a chance. This helped to motivate the shy ones.

Then as I walked around class, it was evident that each group was trying to outdo the other group. Class Earnest was also more forthcoming in the sense that they were more eager to share their presentation. Some groups volunteered to go first without being cajoled.

It always helps to have some girls in the group as they really are more meticulous, taking time to colour and beautify their flipcharts. Check out this colourful heart!

first impressions apperance img
First impressions tell me this is the masterpiece of a predominantly girls’ group!

Training kids is totally different from training adults. When I train adults, I never get a scenario whereby they will use their rulers to measure the length of their face. But I experienced that first hand when enthusiastic kids used their plastic rulers to attempt to determine their face shapes. Hahaha… 

This is perhaps my most memorable class as the energy of the group was really good. Plus I really took a lot of pictures with the kids… 🙂

grooming workshop completion img
Certificate presentation – smile for the camera!

grooming talk graduation img
Certificate presentation – smile for the camera!

grooming workshop graduation img

Smiles galore as some kids pose with their certificates & me


grooming workshop class photo img
One class photo for memories 🙂