Grooming Talk For DDI Asia Pacific

Grooming Talk For DDI Asia Pacific

It’s my first time checking out the Changi Business Park. Located a stone’s throw away from Expo MRT station, it counts among its clients all the major banks and of course DDI Asia Pacific International which I’m heading to to give my grooming talk. A global talent management company, one would naturally be thinking real hard on how to break the ice as these guys are really corporate. And besides, how can I value add to their lives stuff that they don’t already know?

With these questions burning in my mind, I walked into the boardroom and was greeted by the staff.

Surprise, surprise…But the DDI staff really were a very fun and bubbly lot. We clicked from the moment my first slide came on. It’s also a first for me today training a room of different nationalities as we had both locals and foreign talent 🙂

At first, I thought our foreign friends might not understand some of the local connotations but it seems that they have been well assimilated. And there’s nothing much to worry about as grooming is international , cutting across all boundaries.



What proved to be extra fun was when one gentleman shared why he was adamantly against ladies wearing platform shoes. After he shared, which got the room in laughter, I shared my views too on platform shoes.

Well, platform shoes do make one grow taller instantly – by 5 to 7cm. But try walking on platform shoes for long and one feels tired as it feels like walking on bricks. Worse, should you fall, you will fall flat on your face as it offers poor support.

So for the ladies who thought all was lost after I advised them to ditch their platform shoes, I offered a piece of advice which must have sounded like manna from heaven. Wear wedges instead!