Grooming Talk For Building & Construction Authority (BCA)

Grooming Talk For Building & Construction Authority (BCA)

In a room of 16 ladies and 4 men, I kickstarted today’s grooming talk at the Building & Construction Authority, otherwise more commonly known as BCA. For the uninitiated, before you build a house or building, you need to submit your construction plans to BCA for approval. Then can you start constructing.



As civil servants, it’s equally important to carry yourself well. Very often, not only does one have to attend meetings with colleagues from different departments and agencies; but sometimes one also has to meet vendors, suppliers and contractors. Imagine what image would you project should you be dressed sloppily or wearing sleeveless tops?

And on the topic of wearing sleeveless tops for ladies, I jokingly mentioned that it was fortunate nobody was wearing sleeveless less all of us had to check for armpit hair. Armpit hair ranks among one of the top ten image destroyers for ladies.

Gone definitely are the days where being hairy was perceived as being sexy. Research studies notwithstanding, just ask around and you will know that men not like their female counterparts to have armpit hair. That’s why more salons and spas are sprouting up around the island, offering treatments like intense pulsed light (IPL) or laser to retard the growth of armpit hair. And this is true too for ladies. Ladies too prefer their male partners to be less hairy and clean at the chest, pelvis areas and thighs. The most common reason sighted was hygiene. Having more chest hair does not make one more virile. In the same vein, having long and unsightly nasal hair protruding from the nostrils is a big no-no for men. Don’t say you have not been warned!