Grooming Talk For A*Star Fusionopolis

Grooming Talk For A*Star Fusionopolis

With three big screens behind me, it was like a scene from my solo pop concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. But alas it was not. Nonetheless, I have to admit this was certainly one of the grandest reception for my grooming talk. Billed as a full-house event by the organizers, I’m at A*STAR Fusionopolis. I’ve heard so much about Fusionopolis as it is the hotbed for our scientists and researchers. Privileged therefore am I in their company.


Living in a highly urbanized society like Singapore, regardless of what your preference is, you are judged by the way you look outwardly. If you are sloppily dressed, the first impression others will form of you is that you are thought of as lazy or less than intelligent. You may have an IQ score of 200, but trust me, if you don’t dress the part, no one will ever take you seriously. 


Interestingly, it has everything to do with our hairs. Hairs? Where you may ask…


My answer: Hairs…everywhere! Read on for my hair advice.


It has to do with our hairs…either too much or lack of them.



In all cultures, having hair is seen as a sign of virility. For men, especially, it is an expression of our masculinity. But having hair cover the entire body to the extent of it becoming a black tangled mess akin to a jungle is not sexy at all. You can let your ideas run wild and get creative on your jobs. But letting your body hair run wild is like running amok? No thanks!


Moving upwards, unkempt facial hair is a big no-no. Unless it’s for strict religious reasons, I would advise men to shave. Keeping a beard piles the years on you and makes you much older than you actually are. But when you shave, you miraculously take the years off you. And I’m sure most girls out there would appreciate kissing a clean shaven face, not a face with overgrown weeds.


Moving further upwards still, something that turns me off totally are the strands of hair sticking out. For men, I’m referring to your nostril and ear hairs. It is absolutely nauseating to talk to a person with hair sticking out of the nostrils especially. Heaven forsake you to have any dried debris on those stray strands.

And finally, for your male crowning glory, do not use too much hair products. You are living in 2011, not the 1960s when Brylcreem and Tancho reigned supreme. Go for shape and definition that speaks natural, not stiffness and heaviness that spells generations ago.



For ladies, if you are taking public transport, either in the bus or train…and you happen to be wearing a sleeveless top and hanging onto the railings, beware! Beware of the unsightly hairs sticking out from your armpits. Yes, armpit hair is the number one turn-off. If you do not wish to wax, then consider IPL or laser treatments to retard the growth of the hair there. Nothing is more hilarious than a lady in a nice gown but unshaven armpits.

Moving downwards, the same theory applies to leg hair. Silken and smooth are in. Bushes and shrubs are out. Worse, if you wear stockings and one sees pikes sticking out. 


And according to many of my female informants, one image destroyer most often mentioned is men with thinning hair and doing nothing about it. Some mentioned that some men ignore the issue completely and use a few strands to cover their fast balding foreheads. Should you observe a W pattern developing, seek help from a hair specialist or dermatologist.