Grooming Talk For A*Star Biopolis

Grooming Talk For A*Star Biopolis

Looking at the orderly line forming outside the Creation Theatrette at the Matrix Building of Biopolis, it’s simply mind boggling how fast this year is coming to an end. Maybe it’s been a year of surprises big or small for all of us. But I think maybe we’ve all been too busy to keep track of time as it slips away.



Here at A*STAR Biopolis to give my signature grooming talk, it was really gratifying to see so many faces crowded in the theatrette especially since it’s the year-end holidays with most staff on leave. With nationalities hailing from different countries, it was my honour to be amongst them researchers and scientists.
Many times in life, we are too caught up with the rat race that we forget sometimes we just have to start living for ourselves. Many of us dress to conform to certain office norms. Look around and you will see the majority of men dressed in the same hues of white, blue, black and grey. For ladies (whether they are on the plus side or slim side), they always think of black as their saving colour as it’s slimming.
But once you have attended today’s grooming talk, you will realise there’s a whole universe out there besides the classical colours or even start thinking black is THE one and only slimming colour.
If we don’t start to dress for ourselves (within the accepted limits of course – no one is asking you to dye your hair purple or red), you start feeling more confident as it’s your personality you begin to exude. And naturally when you feel more confident, your work performance improves. It may sound incredulous but trust me, it works. If it worked for me, why shouldn’t it work for you?

So sit back, relax and let’s rock this talk together…and get you all spruced up for the new year ahead!